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The tarahumara

The Tarahumara culture, also known as Raramuri, is seen as a blend of neighboring Uto-Aztecan, Tepehuan, Huichol and Cora, and Pima-Papago peoples. At the turn of the 21st century, their population was made up of about 70,000 people. The name TARAHUMARA means: "where the night is the day of the moon"

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Tarahumara is located on a large plateau with many deep canyons and gorges in northern Mexico. Inhabitors are usually small-scale farmers that tend to orchards and grow corn, squash, beans and potatoes. In addition, blanket weaving, pottery and basketry are often common crafts among the Tarahumara. With such diverse and rocky terrain, settlements are usually scattered but small clusters of households are called ranchos.

60 K+
estimated population
250 +
miles in a single run
25 K
square mile area

The Running Tribe

Struggling to keep

ancient culture

1. Indigenous Peoples

They are the Tarahumara Indian from the Copper Canyons region of northwestern Mexico. The look of these people come at first glance however as the centuries have passed them by they continue to sprint their culture in first place. This group of up to 70,000 people are some of the best runners in the world. The land they inhabited is canyons and has a cool climate not known for any type of agriculture however. They specialize in culture recipes that they grow in small pockets of orchards.

2. Agriculture

Once they settled after being forced by Spanish settlers, they are some of the best craft farmers. Being able to take land and find the best soil to plant their orchards to continually keep the culture and community in a melting pot. The Tarahumara were known for growing corn, beans, squash and potatoes while taking care of their families meals each day from self grown and harvested foods only.

3. Education

Among the Tarahumura people there is a fully 60 percent of the tribe that is still illiterate. This continues to fall below the national and state averages. As well as 60.4 percent of the women have no formal education in the Chihuahua which is the area that borders them. The reason for the educational gap is the working mothers, poor government help to programs, a hierarchy of needs, and gender inequality.

4. Medical Care

Ethnobotany is the connection between people and plants. They use plant to satisfy their illnesses. It is used for many other reason of food, make up and also ritual reasons. They believe that plants are a gift from god. For example blueberries were not only a food source for them but also relieve insanity. Ground pine was used to relieve stiff joint pain. Many of these secrets have been used today in western medicine that came from the Tarahumura tribes.





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