Salsa as America’s #1 Condiment

Latin and Hispanic influences are changing the U.S’s flavor preferences, one chip at a time.

Like avocados and white claws, salsa has gone mainstream. The increasing popularity of salsa and other spicy Mexican sauces has salsa surpassing ketchup as America’s top-selling condiment. Salsa sales are now hitting $700 million annually as tortillas and salsa outsell traditional burger buns and ketchup. Salsa is now a key product seen in almost everyone’s fridge that most people don’t even consider it ethnic. As the American diet changes, taste preferences are getting spicier, with salsa’s exploding into the mainstream and onto the dinner table. With that, more consumers are stepping away from larger name brands to find more authentic and natural salsas that offer transparency when it comes to their processes and ingredients.

Tortilla Chips Are the Modern Day Potato Chip
When thinking that salsa dethroned ketchup 20 years ago (unofficially). When you think about all of the Mexican restaurants we can’t be more excited about getting on facebook and following one that has it’s “coming soon” sign in the window. These days we are outselling the burgers and hot dogs with tacos and tortillas while tortilla chips are the modern day potato chip. This is going to continue as 25% of this country is Hispanic. What we find it so interesting about salsa is how fun it is to make. Another amazing thing is that today’s salsa has changed very little from the original Aztecs recipes. It is more than a chip and dip concept and is used for marinades, and garnishes meat and fish dishes. The salsa craze continues to grow as the years are to come and it is not going anywhere else soon.

Salsa continues to be on 80% of households as a staple item and is popular to have in almost every restaurant as well.

The thought of how we enjoy salsa, the “guilt-free snack”. Mama always said, “eat your vegetables” well mama America is doing just that with salsa.

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